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The best Runescape Auras you should be collecting
Posted On 10/13/2021 03:26:15 by game2ah

 The items you gather during your time playing OSRS will be a major aspect of your progress. The game hosts many, many different items that will serve a number of reasons, and some are much more valuable than other items. One specific category of item you must focus on is Auras.

 Runescape Auras can play many different roles within the game. Auras that are activated can be used in many ways. They can provide combat-related bonuses, while others create special effects. Auras are also used to create cosmetic effects which might interest you.

 Whatever type of aura you select regardless of which one you choose, you'll soon realize that any aura you wear has a temporary effect to your character. The aura will be removed after it has been removed. You can also check how long the aura's effect is over by clicking on your equipped aura and selecting the 'Aura Time Remaining' option. Your aura will cease to be useful after death. Only exceptions apply when your place allows for items to be equipped even after your death.

 Cooldown time is an additional important thing to keep in mind in the use of auras. The cooldown timer doesn't expire if you shut off your account.

 How do you earn Auras within RuneScape?

 So now that you have an understanding on the way that auras can help you, it has probably been a source of confusion for you as to which places you can pick them up. In the course of the game you'll be able to purchase auras at Dilwyn, Xuan or Solomon's Store.

 Auras from Xuan can be purchased from Burthorpe Castle or Varrock Square. Dilywn is also located within the Tower of Voices. If you look for the Prifddinas Lodestone you will discover it in the South-west.

 What is the best time to purchase Auras?

 This is likely the next question you have about Runescape Auras. Ultimately, when you start collecting auras is completely up to the way you play the game. In the following sections, we will go over some of the auras you need to be thinking about collecting based on the purpose for which they are intended.

 As you've gathered from now, you are able to use auras for cosmetic purposes In this case, you can start collecting them once you're ready to do so. But, if you'd like to know which auras you should work towards in order to increase your character's strength, continue reading.

 Which RuneScape Auras should be your top priority?

 Runescape Auras come in numbered levels, and the one I think you should be working towards getting are the Supreme Accuracy Auras. These auras enable you to slay your opponents with frightening accuracy. The tier 4 auras of Brawler, Sharpshooter and Runic accuracy will boost your Melee, Ranged and Magic and Ranged, respectively. Alternatively, you can choose any single one of these to cater to your combat style, though the combination of all three can be particularly dangerous. If you do not have the previous tiers, the total cost of these auras is 107,000 loyalty points. It's worthwhile reviewing the three previous levels first.

 Another aura worth examining is the Penance Aura. This will allow you to sustain 100 points of damage you are hit, which will in turn allow you to restore five prayer points if you are applying Penance. No matter how much damage you cause you'll get five percent back in prayer points. This can be very beneficial. It takes you one hour to make use of the item, and it has three hours of cooling off time. The cost for this will be 23,000 loyalty points, which in retrospect is a small price to pay when you consider how much you reduce the cost of purchasing numerous prayers potions as you need.

 Which RS Auras can be used to Boss/Slayer?

 The Supreme Accuracy Auras that were discussed previously can be extremely beneficial for Bossing and Slayer tasks, however there's another one that is just as, if not as effective as Supreme Accuracy.

 Melee and attack auras to assist you greatly in such tasks. They are Berserker, Maniacal as well as Reckless. Like the Supreme Accuracy options they can be utilized individually to increase the method of combat you have chosen to adopt. Berserker is concentrated on Melee while Reckless boosts Ranged and Maniacal enhances Magic. Each one of these auras will be increased by 10% though you need to be aware that it can have an adverse effect on your Defence and Protection levels. The duration of these auras is 30 minutes to utilize these auras and a rather hefty 5-hour cooldown duration. Each aura costs 150,000 loyalty points.

 In this brief guide, you will have seen seven Runescape Auras which many consider essential to your experience in OSRS. The beauty of these items is that you can use them to cater to the way you want to play the game. You will have noticed by now that there are numerous benefits from collecting these items, no matter what you are hoping to accomplish while playing the game.

 You'll be a powerful force to be reckoned with If you can gather the auras listed above, especially those that are focussed on accuracy and melee. There are some disadvantages to having the capability to defend yourself in certain situations. This shouldn't be too big of an issue if you can combine the three auras of each set of auras, which will strike fear into even the most deadly of enemies. If the desire for beauty is more your style, give your hard-earned loyalty points to your heart's to your heart's

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