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Privacy and Security Statement

The Alumni Association Network (AAN) and the Scholastic Research Institute (SRI), a university of scholars, are committed to the protection and privacy of the users of their web site, alumniassociationnetwork.org. The following Privacy and Security Statements outline how AAN and SRI collect and use the data transmitted to alumniassociationnetwork.org by users of the web site.

Privacy Statement

When you send a message to alumniassociationnetwork.org
You may provide personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, and email address, when you send us a message. Personal information sent to AAN and SRI for technical or customer support purposes is not recorded or maintained in any database, nor is personal information shared with any 3rd party source.

When you place an order on alumniassociationnetwork.org
All personal information, such as credit card numbers, name, address, phone number, and email address, sent via alumniassociationnetwork.org's online ordering or registering system is encrypted via 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. The SSL certificate is issued by Go Daddy. Your information is maintained on the secure server for convenience in placing future orders or class registration but is not accessed or shared by any member of the AAN or SRI staff once your payment is confirmed.

Access to information
In the unlikely event of an investigation, a law enforcement agency or other government agency may exercise its legal authority to inspect our Internet Service Provider's logs.

Use and disclosure of information
Personal information provided to AAN or SRI when you send us a message will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided the information. Your details will not be added to a general mailing list. AAN or SRI will not disclose any information submitted by you without your consent.

Use of Our Online Services

Web-Based Subscriptions and Class Registration: Information transmitted through the online search form by users is not tracked or recorded in any way. The only information stored on AAN or SRI's servers is your account and subscriber information and the Usernames and Passwords associated with the users on your subscription and or class registration. This information is accessed by AAN and SRI Customer Service Providers only at the request of the user in question or the Account Administrator and is inaccessible to other alumniassociationnetwork.org users. Account Administrators can access Usernames only to support the needs of the accounts under the administrator's jurisdiction but cannot view Passwords.

Web Service Subscriptions: Information transmitted through the Web Service by Web Service users is not tracked or recorded in any way, other than for SRI classroom attendance. The only information stored on AAN or SRI servers is your account and user information, your Username and Password, your registered classes, and classroom attendance. This information is accessed by AAN and SRI Customer Service Providers only at the request of the user in question and is inaccessible to any other alumniassociationnetwork.org user.

Subscriptions and Class Registration: The only information stored on AAN and SRI servers regarding subscribers is basic account and contact information. This information is accessed only at the request of the subscriber or AAN or SRI to confirm the existence of the account and to contact the subscriber if necessary. This information is not accessible to any alumniassociationnetwork.org user.

Security Statement

Your personal information is protected by law. These laws prohibit any person from accessing, using or disclosing any personal information in the possession of AAN or SRI unless it is in the performance of their duties or is in accordance with these laws. Penalties apply to those who fail to observe these provisions.

The alumniassociationnetwork.org encrypts all messages between the browser running on your PC and AAN or SRI servers when these messages are sent from the online ordering section of the web site.

The encryption process used by alumniassociationnetwork.org is SSL. For SSL encryption to work, your browser must support SSL. Freely available browsers that support SSL include Netscape version 6.0 or later, Firefox version 1.0 or later and Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.0 or later.

While AAN and SRI endeavour to provide a secure Internet environment, users should note that there are inherent risks associated with transmission of information via the Internet. AAN and SRI provide alternative ways to provide information for those who do not wish to use public networks such as the Internet. These include direct contact with SRI Registration by telephone, facsimile or standard mail.

Note: Any link to an external site is provided for your information and convenience only. AAN or SRI do not endorse, monitor or control such sites (or any associated organization, product, or service) and is not responsible for their content, or your access or use of them. Without limiting the forgoing, you are advised to review their privacy and security statements and take precautions to ensure any content is accurate and downloaded software is safe.

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